HD Lollipop 2 Concept Photos!

Awwww. I’m loving the whole new concept, though I’m wondering about the Lolli girl. So colorful and HOT!

More photos!


Wanted: Lollipop Girl!

Big Bang is looking for a girl to be with them in their upcoming Lollipop 2 Promotions. Lol. Application will be open on February 10 to 28. Interested? Here’s the link for their site. (Cyon Site)


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Lollipop 2 Photos!

One word: EXCITED! Seirously, I’m getting more and more excited for the new Lollipop of Big Bang.


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Big Bang LG ‘Crystal’ Cyon CF Re-edit ver. [15s]

Kekeke~ Lalove the this vids of G-Dragon and TOP.

Credits: taijizero2 @ YT


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LG Cyon Lollipop 2 Intro!

Oh Nice phone. But I wonder, how would the concept be and whom they will collaborate with? Geeez. YG, why be so mysterious?

Credits: miseremeiYT  @ YT


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Countdown to YG-LG “Lollipop 2” Begins!

The countdown to idol group Big Bang’s upcoming ‘Lollipop Project 2′ begins!

Taking the Kpop world by storm with the hook song and vivid colours concept with ‘Lollipop’ in 2009, coming early February Big Bang will be showing their new features through ‘Lollipop project 2′ which is expected to set the new culture code in the new year.

LG CYON will be teaming up with YG Entertainment again for this project set to unleash in February. The first project was composed and produced by Teddy and GDragon, and was well received by music fans sparking off interests in various UCC videos produced and great following in the dance steps and fashion styles.

Back then, group 2NE1 also rose to stardom with their participation in this project. And for this time, it is known that Big Bang will be working with a new partner for this project.

Currently, ‘Lollipop Project 2′ is in the preparation stage done in secrecy. Much anticipation is for the new features Big Bang members will appear in for this new project.

Credits: K Bites


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Big Bang LG Cyon Wallpaper + January Calendar

The pictures are the same but they differ on purpose. I mean the latter is the January Calendar and the former is the wallpaper for your pc.^^

Credits: BBVIPZ


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