HD Lollipop 2 Concept Photos!

Awwww. I’m loving the whole new concept, though I’m wondering about the Lolli girl. So colorful and HOT!

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Big Bang’s “Lollipop 2” Promotional Video!



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“I like girls that are like cats.”

“The lyrics and melodies of the songs I’ve written are all my own experiences. Indirect experiences through talking to others or watching movies and stuff. When I’m in love I can only think of happy lyrics, while when I’ve just broken up only sad lyrics come to mind. Songs like ‘She’s Gone’ are a collection of the emotions I felt while watching particular movies.”

The songs G-Dragon (Real name: Kwon Jiyong, 23) writes are all his own experiences. Anyone who’s sharp would’ve picked up his true feelings while listening to his songs.

“I think I have to write honestly so that the person listening can feel what I feel. So they can feel the pain for themselves and be moved. I don’t think it’s possible for someone to be touched by a piece of music that’s been made up from nothing.”

He has, of course, been in love. But the people around him just called it ‘cute puppy love’.

“I thought I was in love but my closest friends still tell me ‘You’ve never been in real love’. Maybe because I’m the type of person who suddenly gets really crazy about something and equally suddenly gets over it. Though I do date for a while…”

He’s also the type of person who gives everything he has to the woman he loves. Even to the point where it sometimes causes inconvenience to his work. He shows his natural unmade self, wanting to be seen just as Kwon Jiyong, not a celebrity; for this reason he is very open even in crowds.

“It’s childish, but I did all that stuff like letting out balloons from the trunk and opening it, and borrowing cafés for the day to do mini concerts. (laughs) I didn’t want my girlfriend to see me as a celebrity so I would go to amusement parks with her with my face covered, and did everything she wanted to do. People say I’m an idiot for not caring about scandals. Even President Yang tells me that I have to be careful to meet the right girl.”

His ideal type is a girl who’s ‘like a cat’.

“I like girls who look have both looks and personalities like cats. I’m attracted to girls who run away when I try to catch them, but approach me and throw themselves in my arms when I stop trying. Someone I can lean on. Someone who can control me from above? I like girls who are fierce and strong. At least when I’m in love, I want to be able to have someone to lean on and rest with.”

After experiencing the sorrow of separating a few times, his thoughts on love have changed.

”I can never break up with someone first. I just can’t say it. If I start a new love in the future, I’m not going to give my all right from the beginning. I want to love slowly now.”

Credits: sjay.x @BBVIP.net

His girl will be so lucky!


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G-Dragon in London Magazine Tank!

Whoa. All the way from Korea to London! G-Dragon, you are simply amazing!


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Electric Love Tour Photos!


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Electric Love Tour wrapped up!

South Korea’s popular dance vocal group, BIGBANG, has held the press conference on February 9, 2010 in the venue of the first concert, Yokohama Arena, Kanagawa. The group members, G-Dragon, T.O.P, SOL, D –LITE and VI, have also attended.

BIGBANG debuted in Korea in 2006 and has reached Korea’s top group since then. They have received a warm welcome for the Japan major debut in June, 2009. At the end of last year, they were awarded a double trophy in the Best Newcomers category in both “Japan Cable Awards” and “Japan Record Awards.”

Now BIGBANG has collaborated with SKY! for the campaign “Ask the Fans for the Song Title”. 1,500 of the first attempt of the titles has been submitted. When VI was asked which title that he like he answered 「Maybe it’s “Sukidayo” (I like that) 」 and he sang the improvisation「Sukidayo~、Sukidayo~」 . Suddenly D-Lite added 「I don’t think that’s Hirai Ken’s song」and then joked 「Yay! I thought I could sing that song!」

The tour bus will roam around the city to help promote the concert.

Finally,G-Dragon, the group leader has added a message to the fans that 「We try our best to give the coolest stage design and settings. Please come to show us the love and support in this upcoming event」

However, SKY! 「Choice is yours」will air the first part of behind the scene, the production of the ads wrapped tour bus and interview of this BIGBANG special program on Sunday 02/28 at 6pm and its second part in March.

Credits: iBB


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BSX Additional Photos!

Ooo lalala..Damn! I can’t get enough of this picture of G-Dragon. So effing hot.

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