Big Bang’s “Gara Gara GO!” Nominated for ‘Best Choreography Music Video’ of 2009

SPACE SHOWER MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS,” a music video festival held by Space Shower TV will be held again this year.

Like last year, the emphasis of the MVAs will be done through the internet and connected booklets. 70 productions have been nominated in 14 categories from the music videos released in 2009, with each category containing an award, such as the “BEST YOUR CHOICE,” which is selected through viewer polling; “BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR,” which is chosen from all of the videos combined; and the “BEST ARTIST” award, which is chosen from the artist who produced the year’s most outstanding music video.

Beginning February 14th, the nominees will be announced through Space Shower’s “MVA Nomination” program. All awards and winners will be announced in a special program airing March 22nd.

Big Bang’s Japanese hit “Gara Gara GO!” has been nominated as the ‘Best Choreography Video’ along with 5 other Japanese artists such as BoA, RIP SLYME, Ikimono Gakari and Miura Daichi. The choreography for Big Bang’sGara Garo GO!” was made by Shaun Evaristo and Taeyang.

Credits: iBB


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Big Bang win at Japan Record Awards! [Videos + Photos]

Big Bang won the Rookie Newcomer Award and performed Gara Gara Go!

G-Dragon performed with W-inds for Rain is Fallin’.

Credits: allKpop | respective owners @ YT

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Big Bang on Music Station Super Live 2009!

Big Bang performed Gara Gara Go! on Music Station Super Live 2009 this Christmas. Great performance boys! Two Thumbs up!

Credits: mmaturi897 @ YT


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Big Bang performed Gara Gara Go! at Best Hits Songs 2009

Credits: gochanzero @ YT


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