Electric Love Tour Photos!


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Electric Love Tour wrapped up!

South Korea’s popular dance vocal group, BIGBANG, has held the press conference on February 9, 2010 in the venue of the first concert, Yokohama Arena, Kanagawa. The group members, G-Dragon, T.O.P, SOL, D –LITE and VI, have also attended.

BIGBANG debuted in Korea in 2006 and has reached Korea’s top group since then. They have received a warm welcome for the Japan major debut in June, 2009. At the end of last year, they were awarded a double trophy in the Best Newcomers category in both “Japan Cable Awards” and “Japan Record Awards.”

Now BIGBANG has collaborated with SKY! for the campaign “Ask the Fans for the Song Title”. 1,500 of the first attempt of the titles has been submitted. When VI was asked which title that he like he answered 「Maybe it’s “Sukidayo” (I like that) 」 and he sang the improvisation「Sukidayo~、Sukidayo~」 . Suddenly D-Lite added 「I don’t think that’s Hirai Ken’s song」and then joked 「Yay! I thought I could sing that song!」

The tour bus will roam around the city to help promote the concert.

Finally,G-Dragon, the group leader has added a message to the fans that 「We try our best to give the coolest stage design and settings. Please come to show us the love and support in this upcoming event」

However, SKY! 「Choice is yours」will air the first part of behind the scene, the production of the ads wrapped tour bus and interview of this BIGBANG special program on Sunday 02/28 at 6pm and its second part in March.

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‘What’s Up’ completes its first round of auditions!

The first round of open auditions have been completed for writer Song Ji-nah’s anticipated new campus drama What’s Up, and a list of the lucky applicants who passed to the next round has been revealed online on the audition webpage. The production still has a ways to go because there were 200 hopefuls who survived the first round; that number was pared down from an overwhelming number of overall aspirants — more than 10,000 showed up and participated.

The drama takes place in the musical department of a university and will begin filming in March. The main cast has already been selected.

They are,  musical actor Jo Jung-seok, Hon’s breakout star Im Joo-eun, Big Bang’s Daesung, Tamra the Island’s Im Joo-hwan, former child actor Jeon Hye-jin, and model Lee Soo-hyuk.

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BSX Additional Photos!

Ooo lalala..Damn! I can’t get enough of this picture of G-Dragon. So effing hot.

See more photos here>>

BSX CF (60s)

ahahhaa. I prefer this one than the first CF. Why does TOP always have the what’s-going-on character, which suits him very cutely.lol Anyway, just enjoy guys!


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“The plagiarism controversies were unbearable”

G-Dragon (real name: Kwon Jiyong, 23), whose heart had been aflutter in anticipation of his album’s release, felt despair. Just a day before its release his title track ‘Heartbreaker’ had been accused of plagiarism. His Me2day, which had thus far been a precious way for him to communicate with his fans now seemed like a cold-hearted and scary place.

”Regardless of whether it really is plagiarism or not, I think having the label of ‘plagiarist’ itself is just disgraceful. On the internet people were fighting about whether ‘It’s been plagiarised’ vs. ‘It hasn’t’; the company said they’d fly over to America to set things straight. It seemed like there was going to be a huge legal battle. Everything was just so hard to handle. It makes me happy to sing and dance in front of other people, that’s all..but the people seemed to only pay attention to the bad stuff, I thought I was gonna go crazy. But after contemplating for a while, I decided that singers should answer to any controversies through their performances.

He realised no matter what he said, he couldn’t change anything. So like actors speak through acting in cinemas, he thought singers should speak through their performances.

”I think the only place I can take responsibility for my music is through performing on stage. I always told myself that I’d apologize if I showed a disappointing performance to my fans. I think if I try my best to make people happy, they’ll realize the truth for themselves.”

Jiyong is used to being caught up in controversy from a young age. Does he have some strange power to turn little things into huge controversies? But the attention he receives from both fans and anti-fans are a driving force for him.

”If an online news article about me is released, the first comment is always someone bashing me. I’m human too, of course, I check (laughs). The antis always see them first and leave hateful comments. I’m actually thankful in a way. If these people really hated me, they just wouldn’t pay any attention to me at all. I think they keep checking my articles because they still expect something of me in the end. Something along the lines of ‘I hate this guy, but I still can’t help being interested’, maybe. Because of people like that I feel like I have to try even harder.”

Popular singers just cannot be separated from the public. Affection and criticism are just opposite sides of the same coin.

”Rather than thinking ‘Let’s see who wins then’ about my antis, I think I just have to keep trying hard until they disappear. I can’t ‘beat’ the public since artists have to work together with them. It’s like being a student. I feel like I’ve done my homework as a student and now I’m hoping that my teacher will compliment me.”

He’s even got the providence of the public figured out. He may be precocious but he doesn’t try to forcefully hide his pain from others.

”It’s a hundred thousand times worse when you’re in the position of the one being bashed. Korea is a small country so being in that position is really disheartening. I did understand but it still hurt so bad. I’ve just grown wings to try and fly higher; I’ve come too far to fall now and there’s no way back at this point anyway. I’m trying really hard- I truthfully just want people to be more understanding and like me more.”

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YG Ent.’s new headquarter!

YG Entertainment, Big Bang and 2NE1’s company has opened their new headquarter.

Yang Hyun Seok, CEO of YG Ent. moved to this newly-constructed building last February 3.

YG Ent. officials said, “After Big Bang’s concert, we will be moving to our new building in February.

The new headquarter of YG Ent is located at Hapjeong, Mapo-dong in Seoul. It’s a 7-storey building overlooking the river and one storey below ground. The construction started last June 2008 and was completed in late 2010.

Other domestic market idol, JYP and SM, have offices at Apgujeong and Cheongdam respectively.

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