Big Bang Interview with Big Time Don!


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Big Bang on Junon

-5 persons, 5 identities

Taeyang: G-Dragon’s nature is crazy (laughs) Of course not in a bad way though. He gets really engaged when he’s playing or when he’s working, so crazy.

G-Dragon: I really am, thank you! (laughs) TOP is crazy as well (laughs).
and really hunky, the manliest!

Taeyang: No, that’s a joke! (laughs) Dae’s optimistic personality attracts a lot of people to him.

Daesung: I do have a bright personality. Taeyang is warm and caring to people and to the members. He also gives a lot of good advice and favors.

TOP: Seungri is the youngest and his personality is always dreaming of freedom (laughs)

Seungri: Yes~.

TOP: He has a lot of passion and likes to do many things.

Seungri: Yeah, I always try to accomplish my dreams!

G-Dragon: He is the maknae (youngest) in Big Bang so everyone finds him cute [or is that just your thoughts GD? haha G-Ri<3]

TOP: he is also the one who gets bullied because of his role (laughs)

Taeyang: Around other people he might seem like the bullied character. But between us members there are no walls and we talk to each about anything.

Seungri: a little but of bullying can be considered cute (laughs) However I dont like it when G-Dragon bullies me because sometimes his bullying can be really severe…..Just kidding! (laughs) [gahh G-Ri<3] In fact I trust him a lot so its fine. The members are really close like a family.

G-Dragon: All five of us have our own distinct personalities and there’s isn’t anything we want to change about each other. Because we’re only Big Bang if we all have our own different personalities. I think that is good that each member self-represents themselves truthfully.

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G-Dragon’s feelings about concert issues!

GDragon had many labels in the past, some good and some bad. Big Bang’s leader. The youngest boy who was participating in HipHop albums by the age of 13. One of the top 8 composers that shined in 2008. Placing first in all possible music charts with his solo album. 2009’s greatest selling record. Plagiarism issues. Known for interesting fashion. And the most recent one, concert issues.

There had been a set of associated words with GDragon. However, he was the boy that went on along his way without any rest in the music world, but there will always be the critics commenting on his actions. Through an interview, we learned about what kind of a path he kept on going from that one little boy to a star that is loved by many people.

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Taeyang in NYLON Korea Feb issue!

Idol Voice
Nowadays idols show they can do any kind of music after they’ve done pop songs. Do you know that there is an Idol in Korea who can sing in the Neo-soul genre? And right now the idol with a pop-style voice? 5 pop columnists will talk about the voices of these 5 idols.

Big Bang’s Taeyang
Currently among the many idol singers is it too much to say that Taeyang has the brightest future? Not at all I think. Taeyang proved this fact of his ‘bright future’ with his ‘HOT’ EP. Many expect a lot from him and the biggest reason for this is because he does what he wants to do, and he has known for a long time what it is that he is the best at. This (when you qualify as an idol singer) is very uncommon.

‘Look at me’ and ‘Prayer’ are songs that show what this young man can do in the future with his vocal potentiality. His vocals sound like that of black music which is not easy to do. R&B or Soul music the feelings and finesse he puts into his own voice are still controlled and not too excessive, causing the black music feel in his songs. He has never ’sang’ as a joke(?) but he deserves to be called a ‘Semiconductor R&B vocalist’.

In the world (or America) this is a trend, but in Korea Taeyang’s voice is almost unique. It’s like he is meant to sing black music. Because of this Taeyang’s vocal are somewhat easy to critic, but I rather think that this is what makes him so distinctive (from the rest).

You broaden the scope when you talk to different people. There are many ways to stay up with trends including the appearance, this would make sense for someone who is late in trends (?) Naturally in the same way with time Taeyang’s efforts will be honed.

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Daesung and Kang Jiyoung Clean up their scandal!

Big Bang DaeSung and KARA Kang JiYoung clarifies on the incident of the 2 of them text messaging each other.

On SBS Family Outing aired on 24th January, Kang JiYoung clears up on the scandal with DaeSung and also reveals a behind-story to their relationship.

Previously on Family Outing, DaeSung revealed that there is a female idol whom he had received text messages from. And then on 12th January, he continue to reveal that he have had a phone conversation with KARA Kang JiYoung through Lee Hyori when he appeared on SBS Strong Heart.

On this episode, it was known that SeungRi and Goo Hara are friends, and Kang JiYoung said, “Since the past I had wanted to know DaeSung more, and hence I got Hara unnie to get his contacts from SeungRi.”

JiYoung said, “I sent the message ‘DaeSung oppa, I hope we can become closer (become good friends)’ but in the end I got bitten back instead” pointing the finger to DaeSung. She continued, “Because DaeSung sshi used to be the MC of a music show, we will always run into each other. But he would avoid me.”

DaeSung then explained, “JiYoung did send the text message. But when I was in a shooting then, so I replied ‘I am doing a photoshoot currently. I will work hard.’ I drew the line. I took the step first.”

SNSD YoonA who was present also said, “I only got to talk to DaeSung on broadcast shows. I said let’s be good friends from now, but when we met at broadcast studios, he would just walk past me like that.”

In the end, DaeSung also said, “I drew the line first again. I thought I would get dashed.”

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Daesung Interview w/ “What’s Up?” Cast!

Daesung was confirmed to replace TOP for a new tv series named “What’s Up” by writer Song Jina. At first it was said that it was going to be named ‘Zero Plus’ however the title has now changed to ‘What’s Up’.

Writer Song Jina commented on Daesung, stating, “He sings well, has a good personality, and is adorable. The other cast members are also incredibly cute.” She stated that the drama is about half cast ready so far, and it looks like they will probably find the rest through an open audition.

What’s Up” talks about the dreams and love stories of students enrolled in the theater department in college. This tv series is set to air within the first half of 2010.

One of G-Dragon’s very close friends and member of the nuthang crew, Lee Soo Hyuk is also a member of the cast. He is a Korean male model who has been seen with G-Dragon multiple times before. He is the one dressed in all black, standing behind the girl wearing that white shirt, sitting on the chair.

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Big Bang Interview for Japan Daily Sports 2010 Jan Issue!

Leader GD’s words of love (criticism) to the other members?“This is hard. Let’s see.. Daesung is a bit too mature for his age. It always feels like he’s looking after everyone. It would be nice if he acted more cute and dongsaeng-like.
TOP hyung is a type of person who gets sick of things really easily. He has no persistence. If it’s something he likes he gets really into it but he also gets over it really quickly. It would be nice if he could maintain his feelings.
I want Taeyang to fall in love, since he never has before. It’s an important experience for artists. It doesn’t have to be a girlfriend, maybe even just a friend. It would be nice if he got a girlfriend though.
Seungri should get out more often. He needs to mature. (Seungri: What??! WHAAT??!)
Me? I want to expand my outlook on life. I want to become a leader that the other members will trust and follow.

BigBang Profile
2)Something they treasure
3)Something that surprised them in Japan
4)Japanese food they like
5)Japanese food they can’t/don’t eat
6)Favourite Japanese phrase/word
7)Favourite Japanese celebrity
8)What they do on their days off
9)Food they can cook well
10)Most attractive feature

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