G-Dragon’s limited edition of LV sneakers from a fan garners attention!

A present given to G-Dragon by a fan has attracted many netizens’ attention lately.

Currently the photos of a pair of Louis Vuitton limited edition sneakers given by a fan to G-Dragon to congratulate him on his successful solo debut are circulating rapidly online and attracting many netizens’ attention.

The photos were originally posted up on G-Dragon’s fan site GDRH and was recently posted up on various online discussion sites. According to the fans, this pair of sneakers is not available at the regular stores and is only available at specific stores selling the LV shoes.

In addition, the shoes are only available to VIP customers at the specific stores. Hence many are surprised at the unique gift that G-Dragon has received from his fans.

Netizens said, “It is hard to be a fan without capabilities”, “This is a good present, which suits GDragon’s fashion sense” etc.

Credits: K Bites


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BSX Additional Photos!

Ooo lalala..Damn! I can’t get enough of this picture of G-Dragon. So effing hot.

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Big Bang BSX CF Shooting!

Nice.I’m getting used to this new endorsement, BSX, of BIGBANG!


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Seungri 1st time on the subway?

Big Bang’s Seungri revealed that he has never been in the subway.

On February 6th, on the broadcast of KBS 2TV ’Entertainment Tonight’ Big Bang was shooting their BSX CF in a subway where Seungri stated “I have never used the subway, this is the first time I’ve come here.”

G-Dragon then jokingly said “Seungri is known to ride horses in Gwangju”. Taeyang added “Seungri grew up like a king/prince in Gwangju”. [Gwangju is Seungri’s birth place]

Taeyang revealed that Big Bang will come out with a new album later this year. And also said ”It takes a long time but I’ll work hard to prepare a new album that will be coming out in the second half of this year.” [talking about his solo album]

Credits: iBB


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Big Bang BSX CF Shooting!

Cutie pies. lol. Awwww. Big Bang is so cute and adorkable. lol XD


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Additional BSX Photos!

Hey hotties! lol. Yay. So so cool. Big Bang is lovee <3…  Keke~ My hubbies are so cute.

OMG! Nose bleed. G-Dragon here is so so HOT! >.<

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BSX with Big Bang + Photos!

Idol group Big Bang was chosen to advertise or endorse the clothing brand BSX revealing their usual charms, and relaxed and candid.

Big Bang already unveiled their recent catalog photo shot to everyone. The said photo shoot has a concept of “honesty behind the stage”. Wherein the members wore their clothes or costume and reenact what they usually do behind backstage; reminding many of the real backstage concert.

TV ads for the CF continued this kind of atmosphere. Big Bang was reminiscent of the intense face-painting graffiti on the subway train transforming into dancers dancing colorfully.

Thanks to the natural concept, the set was consistently filled with laughter. Especially  G-Dragon who always pulls-off funny faces making the whole set burst into laughter. Due to the uniqueness of each of the member, and being charming and charismatic at the same time, they properly represented the casual clothes.

The pictorial image of Big Bang and the young and lively presentation with the preppy college students look,  made the whole concept successful. BSX officials said, “Shooting the ad with Big Bang, BSX is expected to lead the young casual clothing in the market.” He revealed satisfaction with the model chosen.

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