Daesung and TOP to release their solo albums next year!

After G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri finished doing their solo activities this year, it is now the turn of Daesung and TOP to do theirs next year.

Yang Hyun Seok said to Star News on December 31,” The debut of Big Bang in Japan is a success. Big Bang will officially meet their fans in Japan and will be expected to do a lots of activities and will focus there on the first half of next year. And for the fans in Korea, Big Bang’s TOP and Daesung will issue a solo album next year.”

Taeyang will release his offline album early next year. Daesung will perform his solo album and is expected to release the said album mid-year of 2010, around June. It also has been revealed that Daesung is currently personally doing the producing to his own album. And will be followed by TOP and Seungri in the form of mini album or digital single release.

Yang Hyun Seok said, “Daesung is doing the music style that he likes, and we have given him the composers right for the music style to him. And Daesung is doing his own album producing, fans will be able to feel his own music style through the form of album single released in either full-length or mini album format.”

“I hope that everyone will also look forward to TOP and Seungri’s solo songs.”

Credits: BBVIPZ | Daily Kpop News


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Big Bang “NII 10Q Event”

Omo. I want one of those recording teddy bears. But it will be way much better if Big Bang‘s voice are already recorded there. Yay! How much could those teddy bear cost?

Credits: taijizero2 @ YT


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lol @ seungri. hahahaha. XD

Big Bang ranks no. 18 on 2009 Pop Culture Leading Power!

Major criteria for the selection includes
▶Cultural and social influence
▶Power to move the public
▶Economic importance and influence in the business of public culture and so on.
Even though the activity made throughout this year had a great influence in the selection, we also carefully considered symbolic power, representation, popularity and so on.

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G-Dragon’s tears caught many attention!

Big Bang GDragon’s tears flowing down his cheek during his performance has roused much curiosity amongst netizens.
During his performance of ‘Heartbreaker’ on 29th December for 2009 SBS Gayo DaeJun, he was seen in tears when performing, and had many fans and viewers curious and surprised.

With that, many fans and netizens have attributed that to the plagiarism issues brought up against him for his 1st solo album ‘Heartbreaker’ in August, and then all the criticisms against him once more for some scenes said to be inappropriate for youths during his 1st solo concert recently.

Some fans also went up to GDragon’s me2day page and wrote messages like “Close your 2 eyes and block your 2 ears, we will protect you”, “It hurts my heart to see you in tears. Please don’t cry. Have strength” etc.

Credits: TnU @ BBVIP.net


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Lotte, 2010 BIG SHOW, Hite & WITH

Start the new year with a bang and change your desktop wallpaper now to this cute Lotte calendar wallpaper of Big Bang.

Enjoy drinking hite beer this new year!

Feel the anticipation for 2010 BIGSHOW!

Help others WITH BIGBANG and 2NE1.

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YG Family @ SBS Gayo Daejun!

Fire | You & I | The Leaders| Let’s Go Party

Korean Dream

Heartbreaker | Gossip Man

Lies (remix)

Look Only at Me | Where U At | Wedding Dress

Credits: all the videos above belongs to their respective owners @ YT


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Gaaaa. I love it!!! YG Family is the best of all! Finally, Taeyang found a match! At the end of the  You & I performance, can you guys see that it seems like Taeyang wants to hold Bom‘s hand? Yay! Love it!!! And OMG!!! GD‘s jacket is way too awesome. I love it! It’s so cute and it’s pink. lol. I love all the performances especially Let’s Go Party. It’s too lively and great. It’s just that the other BBmembers weren’t there to perform Lies. Anyway, all -in-all it’s great and cute and colorful.

“Into the Gunfire” still Photos

After the hit drama, Iris, ended earlier this month, TOP and actor Kwon Sang Woo began filming for the new movie Into the Gunfire.

Kwon Sang Woo
said, “There’s a scene where we have to chase North Korean soldiers in cold weather but I slipped and felt embarrassed. However, after watching the crew go through even more hardship, it gave me strength to do better. We’re giving our all.

T.O.P commented, “It’s an honor to be in such a big scale movie after IRIS. To complete the project, we’re working and rehearsing day and night.

Credits: allKpop


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