GD as a Genie on VOGUE Magazine

If this one would be the “Genie”, I hope he’ll grant my wish to be with him. lol.^^ Just kidding. ^^ I’m a big fan of GD and there’s no doubt for that but at times I really don’t understand his fashion sense. Well, it will always be the one and only G-DRAGON. GD really loves fashion ’cause only him have the guts to pose in magazines with this kind of fashion sense.^^ And I love him for having that kind of confidence.  He’ll be the hottest and cutest genie I ever known.^^

I wonder where I could find his lamp.^^


I don’t know if these pictures are extra or what.


These 2 will be a good father someday

aigooo. Imagine GD as a daddy.^^

Imagine Young Bae as daddy. hmmm...

Credits: BBVIPZ


~Spread the BBlove~


2 Responses

  1. […] in fashion and constantly evolving his image. He has booked editorial spreads in Nylon Magazine, Vogue Korea, W Magazine Korea,  and Although he emanates a funky swag image in MV’s, he is usually more […]

  2. […] evolving his image, booking high editorial spreads in publications like  Nylon Magazine, Vogue Korea, and W Magazine Korea. Although he emanates a funky swag image on stage, he is usually more of a […]

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